Certificate of Participation

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We love to issue you with a Accident Sharing and Prevention Programme Certificate of Partification jointly issued by SISO and WSHC for your sharing.

ASAP Sample Certificate

Requirements / FAQs 

1.  Who can submit?

ANS: Anyone who wants to prevent fatalities in the workplace can participate in the Safety Accident Sharing And Prevention (ASAP) Programme.


2.  How to conduct a safety ASAP?

ANS: Companies can conduct Safety Accident Sharing And Prevention (ASAP) by taking a break to have a toolbox talk or another safety activity such as conducting safety equipment inspections, developing work plans, or discussing job specific hazards. Managers are encouraged to plan ASAP that works best for their workplace anytime during the May 2-6, 2016. A useful tool is the WSHC’s Toolbox Meeting Aid for Supervisor (here).  This tool helps guide Supervisors in conduct effective tool box meetings.


3. What are the topics available for submission?

ANS: Only articles that have been uploaded on ASAP portal.


4. Is there any template for reference before I submit my participation to you?

ANS: You may refer to the attachment for reference in Microsoft PowerPoint format.