Guide to Good WSH Practices Pictograms

Guide to Good WSH Practices PictogramsThe aim of this publication is to standardise pictograms for good workplace safety and health (WSH) practices. WSH Council, together with relevant industry partners, had produced a series of good WSH practices pictograms. These pictograms, containing WSH-related messages, serve as reminders for workers before they start work. Good and bad practices are shown as pictograms so that workers can understand the intended messages better. These messages also show immediate actions that workers can take to carry out work safely.  Download a copy here.

Guide to Workplace Traffic Safety Management

GuideWorkplaceTrafficSafetyManagementWorkplace traffic management is an integral part of operations for many industrial sectors; including but not limited to the construction, marine and logistics industries. If workplace traffic is not managed well, it can lead to damaged vehicles, properties, as well as fatalities and/or serious injuries in the workplace and public areas.

This set of guidelines highlight potential hazards when vehicles are used on the roads and within workplace premises. The guideline is recommended for companies who own transport or goods vehicles such as prime movers, lorries, vans, tipper trucks, dumpers and concrete mixers. This publication also recommends good industry practices through the establishment of a traffic management plan.  Download a copy here.

Guide to Near Miss Reporting

GuideToNearMissReportingNear misses happen in all companies regardless of their industry or scale of operation. Hence, all companies can tap on the benefits of near miss reporting to give their WSH journey a boost. The many benefits are described in this guide but ultimately, the main desired outcome is to prevent all injuries and ill-health at work. Download a copy here.